Discount Program on Georgia Drivers Ed Online Announced by GA Driver Safety

GA Driver Safety, a top-rated provider of Georgia drivers education online, is proud to announce a special discount on Georgia drivers education online from the regular price of $49.95 to $29.95. The offer coincides with the company’s newly relaunched website, offering up-to-date information for Georgia teens seeking to understand how to get a Georgia drivers license yet use the Internet for online convenience.

“Price is very important to today’s teen driver,” explained Azhar Mirza, managing director of GA Driver Safety. “By having this special discount, we hope to draw attention to the website and encourage teens to share this information among themselves.”

To view the newly upgraded website, please visit our website. There one can browse informational sections on specific areas of Georgia drivers education. To view the discounted offer on Georgia drivers education online, please visit our website and click on the discounted link.Georgia Drivers Education Online

Requirements for a Georgia Drivers License

Driver Education is required by the GA DDS for all Georgia teenagers seeking their first driver’s license. Everyone must complete a 30-hour course in order to show competence in the rules of the road and to ensure safe driving practices. Unfortunately, not every teen has a schedule that allows them to attend driving school in person. School, sports, clubs, homework, after-school jobs. Having an online system plus a discount price enables even the busiest, most cost-conscious teen driver to complete the written requirements for his Georgia drivers license online.

About GA Driver Safety

GA Driver Safety is a leading provider of online drivers education for Georgia residents, especially teen drivers seeking learner’s permits that comply with Georgia law. The informational website educates teen drivers on issues such as Joshua’s Law compliant drivers education courses, how to obtain a learner’s permit, and even defensive driving. Anyone interested in obtaining a Georgia driver’s license will benefit from the online materials available from the company.

Discount Program on Georgia Drivers Ed Online Announced by GA Driver Safety
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