Georgia Drivers Ed & Learner’s Permit Informational Page Updated, Announces GA Driver Safety

Atlanta, Georgia – November 19, 2015. GA Driver, a top-rated provider of online Georgia driver’s education , is proud to announce a major update to its informational page on how to obtain a learner’s permit in Georgia. Many teens today are not entirely sure concerning the learning requirements for such a permit, and the fact that these can be obtained online.

“Although today’s teenagers are used to having everything GA Drivers Permit Pageeasily accessible online, they may not realize the availability of online driver’s education training in Georgia” explained Azhar Mirza, Managing Director of GA Driver Safety, “We’ve updated our page to make it clearer that our online courses satisfy all legal Georgia requirements and can be taken fully via the Web.”

To view the newly updated page, please visit our Georgia drivers learning permit page  Interested parties can sign up online, read the full information on this page, or browse over to information about Joshua’s Law Compliance, the cost of online training for drivers permit and driving details for the state of Georgia on the website.

High Points of Georgia Driver’s Learner Permit Information

Many teens do not realize that they must first pass a written exam before they can start to get behind the wheel. They also may not realize that they have a probationary, “Learner’s Permit,” during the period after they have passed their written test but before they have passed their behind-the-wheel test. The newly updated page also informs them that Joshua’s Law requires 40 hours of supervised driving. Taking the first part online means that one can work at one’s own pace, and take quizzes as needed. Finally, it is a requirement that the course be taken from a DDS-approved institution.

About GA Driver Safety

GA Driver Safety is a leading provider of Georgia drivers education online. Georgia residents, especially teen drivers seeking learner’s permits, must comply with Georgia law. The informational website educates teen drivers on issues such as Joshua’s Law compliant drivers education courses, how to obtain a learner’s permit, and even defensive driving. Anyone interested in obtaining a Georgia driver’s license will benefit from the online materials available from the company.


Georgia Drivers Ed & Learner’s Permit Informational Page Updated, Announces GA Driver Safety
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