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Hall County, Georgia – Driver’s Ed that Fulfills Joshua’s Law Requirement

Looking for Drivers Ed? Hall County teenagers are required to take a 30-hour Drivers Ed since Joshua’s Law went into effect in 2005. This causes problems with scheduling, especially with conflicts like after school activities and homework. Drivers Education is critical for safety on the road, but how are you supposed to get the education you need for your drivers license if you can’t get to a classroom all the time?

Parents will definitely be interested to know that researchers have confirmed that interactive computer-based instruction is a  more effective and efficient way  learning of basic skills and knowledge in driver’s education, and that this method of education can actually reach out and motivate that group of high-risk young drivers to want to drive safely.

GA Driver Drivers Education is  structured around proven defensive driving techniques, with a main focus on changing driver attitudes to reduce traffic collisions caused by human error. Having an effective drivers education, such as ours, that focuses on defensive driving techniques and practical knowledge on their side means teens are able to learn superior driving skills.

Drivers Ed Hall County

Taking our online Drivers Ed course is the solution! It’s beneficial to Hall area students not only because it allows you to take your driving lessons on your own schedule and in your own home, or any where else convenient,  but also because the workbooks and separate sections allow you to study at a speed you’re most comfortable with. If you can’t get to the driving school classrooms due to scheduling conflicts or lack of transportation, you can still get the education you need to obtain your drivers license. The built-in timer ensures you get the full 30 hours of Drivers Education, and the DDS issues a Certificate of Completion when you complete the course and passes the final exam. Once you finish your online Drivers Ed, you can take the permit exam and driving test at any Hall County testing facility.

If you’re looking for a way to fit your required Drivers Ed lessons into your current schedule so you can get your drivers license, consider our online course to complete your requirement. The course is accepted at any Hall area testing location.

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Online Drivers Ed in Hall County, Georgia
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