Essay Contest 2015 – Be Cool and Be Safe

Name: Breanne Haskins
From: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Grade: Freshmen
School: University of New Mexico

a teenager is a difficult task because you have to not give in to
peer pressure, but still seem cool. While this is hard, it is not
impossible. There are many ways to be cool but still be safe. For
example, driving is a responsibility that most teenagers get, but it
is hard to be a responsible driver. I am going to describe four
different situations where the driver is being irresponsible and
explain what a teenager, as the passenger, can say in order to be
safe, but still be considered cool.

first situation is if the driver is texting and driving. If the
driver is a close friend of yours it is really easy just to offer,
do you want me to text them back for you?,

can be pretty personal but it seems caring to the driver. Even if
they aren
a close friend, you as the passenger could still do something about
the driving by just stating,
would you mind just waiting a little bit until you text them back?

if they say it
urgent then you could offer to text for them as mentioned above.

second situation is if the driver is fooling around with the radio
and not paying attention. As the passenger you could easily just say,
I got this. I know some really cool music to play.

thing the passenger could do is just ask,
station are you looking for? I could find it?,

is a pretty passive, but kind way to avoid the driver being
irresponsible and still seeming cool.

third situation is if the driver is eating while driving. The
passenger could suggest,
are totally getting your car dirty, which is totally not good!,

is a way to get the driver to stop eating because of fear of seeming
dirty while not being rude. Another thing the passenger could say is
we are going has some awesome food to eat, we should totally just eat

is a way to get them to stop eating because of temptation and you
still sound cool.

fourth situation is if the driver is going to drink and drive. A
simple solution to this, if you have your driver
license, is to just ask them if you can drive them home. This offer
is normally viewed as caring and if the driver won
let you drive their car, you can always offer,
I can drive you in my car.

option if they want to drink and drive is to ask them to call their
parents to come pick them up, and if they are scared of their parents
finding out that they are drinking, you could offer to drive them to
your house to spend the night, all while seeming cool.

replying like above, you can be cool, maintain your friendships, and
be safe.

Essay Contest 2015 – Be Cool and Be Safe
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