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Scholarship and Essay Contest for High School and College StudentsWe know that in today’s fast-paced society, teens have distractions like never before: cell phones, texting while driving, even in-car “infotainment” systems. Even after a teen gets his or her license and becomes eligible to transport other teens or young adults, it can still be tough to “be responsible” yet “be cool.” For example, assume you are a passenger in a car and the driver is texting while driving, talking on his or her cell phone, fumbling with the infotainment system, or even old-school eating or drinking.

  • How can you politely ask them NOT to text while driving and to drive responsibly yet not look like the proverbial geeky, unpopular young adult driver?

The focus of our scholarship is to get teens and young adults to think about driver safety with the twist of helping others by brainstorming novel ways to ask others to “drive responsibly” while still being cool.

Essay Topic: All Essays Must Address the Following Topic

The scenario is you as a passenger are in a car with someone who is texting while driving, using their cell phone, or otherwise driving badly. In your essay, brainstorm at least five but no more than ten novel ways to ask the driver to “driver responsibly.” The concept is to write an essay that will give other people ideas on how to politely, but firmly, ask drivers to be safe and not text and drive, drink and drive, fidget with the radio and drive, etc., but still remain polite and even cool. We recognize that for teens, especially, there can be peer pressure NOT to be the un-cool person who asks the driver to slow down, not text and drive, or generally pay attention to the road.

Browse submitted essays below. Note: by “sharing” an essay on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and/or Google+), you are casting a “vote” that that essay should win. Social shares will count for 50% of the scholarship determination.

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