Drivers Safety Scholarship & Essay Contest Now Ready for Online Applications, Announces GA Driver Safety

GA Driver Safety, a top-rated provider of Joshua’s Law Compliant Georgia drivers education online, is proud to announce that their online application system is ready for applications. The purpose of the essay competition is to motivate teen drivers to both think about how to encourage other teens to drive safely as well as how to promote this message amongst the teenage driving population.

“We are really excited about this scholarship competition as part of our mission for top quality drivers Georgia drivers education onlineeducation in Georgia, explained Azhar Mirza, managing director of GA Driver Safety. “What’s even more exciting is that we are leveraging the power of the Internet to both manage and promote the scholarship and essay competition. The application system is now online and ready to accept applications, and in addition, essays that have been approved will be posted to our website for review by the teenage driving population.”

To learn more and to access the application, please visit our website to view the essay contest rules and details.  The essay contest is now processing applications, and the scholarship will be announced and awarded on May 1, 2016. Participants must be high school or college students, but need not reside in Georgia.

Essay Contest and Scenario

With a purpose of promoting safe teen driving, not just in Georgia but throughout the United States, the scholarship contest takes a two-pronged approach. First, it asks applications to imagine the following scenario. The scenario is that the scholarship applicant is a passenger in a car with someone who is texting while driving, using their cell phone, or otherwise driving badly. In the essay, the applicant must brainstorm at least five but no more than ten novel ways to ask the driver to “driver responsibly.” The concept is to write an essay that will give other people ideas on how to politely, but firmly, ask drivers to be safe and not text and drive, drink and drive, fidget with the radio and drive, etc., but still remain polite and even cool.

Second, once an essay has been approved, it is posted to the website. There, interested teens can vote via Facebook, Twitter, and/or Google+ by sharing the essay. 50% of the evaluation will come from social shares.

About GA Driver Safety

GA Driver Safety is a leading provider of online drivers education for Georgia residents, especially teen drivers seeking learner’s permits that comply with Georgia law. The informational website educates teen drivers on issues such as Joshua’s Law compliant drivers education courses, how to obtain a learner’s permit, and even defensive driving. Anyone interested in obtaining a Georgia driver’s license will benefit from the online materials available from the company.

Drivers Safety Scholarship & Essay Contest Announced by GA Driver Safety

GA Driver Safety, a top-rated provider of Joshua’s Law Compliant Georgia drivers education online at, is proud to announce an essay and scholarship contest to promote safe teen driving. Entitled, “Speak Up About Safe Driving: Ten Tips for Teen Drivers,” the scholarship is availble to any high school student or college student at an accredited institution in the United States. (more…)